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How to Take One Thing You Love Doing and Transform It Into a Successful Online Business

Are you a woman aged 45+ looking for ways to build a better future?

Thursday 23 June // 6.30PM AEST



What To Do When ...

# You realise you will not live comfortably on your government pension payments

# You're putting up with a toxic work environment

# You stay in a job you don't like because you're too old to apply for another one

# You wish you could live your life doing something you love

# You're passionate about your message and want to share it with the world

# You have the experience and the wisdom to help other people live better lives

# You need to stimulate your mind and your life

What You'll Learn When You Attend This Free Evening Workshop With Victoria Rose

  • You'll see case studies of other women who are not relying on their government pension

  • You'll discover how to build a future where you won't need to rely on your JOB

  • You'll learn you absolutely can earn a living doing something you love

  • You'll uncover more about want you truly want out of life

  • You'll decide your own dress code :)

* You'll be excited by Why Online & Why Now?

* You'll Discover 3 Cool Tips for your online presence

* You'll answer the 'This is Your Life' question 

* You'll LOVE The 5-part Business Building Blueprint designed to clarify your Message, build your Website and Market your online business

* You'll see how easy it is to find your perfect audience, the ones who'll want to hear your message, buy your offer, invest in you

Workshop for women with Victoria Rose

Victoria Rose

Leadership Trainer, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Internet Marketer and founder of Over 50 Still Fabulous.

"I’m so glad I finally got to meet you in person and really enjoyed your lively presentation. There was so much information and a veritable smorgasbord of tips and hints that will help me move my online presence forward. Thank you for your dedication to inspiring us to be leaders in our own businesses!" 

- Sheridan Morris, Well Said & Associates

"Thank you Victoria Rose, your passion and energetic style encourages people to share and holds their attention. Not only a fun but very informative session."

- Sharelle Clarke, Manager

"Thanks Victoria Rose. A brilliant presentation and so much information. A delightful evening."

 - Susan Guthrie, Building a Big Idea

"I attended the Build Your Business Online Now workshop and would totally recommend this to anyone approaching later years with not enough income to maintain your lifestyle.

What a fabulous evening. The evening provided me with food for thought which showed me that the world is my oyster if I chose put my ideas into action. 

Victoria's energy is contagious giving everyone in the workshop life and wanting to contribute to the whole experience. Sharing with other people enables you realise that you can to do something fun with your life and earn money at the same time.

I came away with lots of different avenues to pursue my passion.

Thank you Victoria for sharing such valuable information with us.

What an enlightening evening that would suit anyone wanting to enrich your life with your passions and make money at the same time."

 - Valerie Shaw Accountant

"If you are planning to start a business, Victoria is well positioned to guide you through the set-up phase and fast track your business success. 

Her live event introduces you to the framework and the steps that are essential to getting an online business up and running. 

Victoria's experience in knowing what works, and what to avoid, is invaluable. During this training she very generously shares so much of this knowledge with you. Victoria is also very friendly and approachable, so you can feel at ease asking her questions. 

If you are planning to start a business, I recommend you attend this event as it would be a valuable investment of your time". 

 - Silvia Wright-Davies, Business Owner

"Was very interesting. Opened my eyes up."

 - Jodie Ellison

“QueenBeeDownUnder has been trading online for a month now.

 We thought it would be good to join one of Victoria Rose's information evenings to see if we could improve on our Website. 

Lynette (my business partner) and I had a very delightful evening. 

Needless to say, we walked away with quite a few useful tools. Thank You Victoria Rose!! All the best with the future." 

 - Lynette Naudé andLizle Van Schalkwyk

Free Evening Event for Melbourne Women Aged 45+ Who Want to Fast Track Their Online Business NOW

Online Business Training Venue

Event Date: Thursday 23 June 2016

Venue: The George Hotel 

139 Cecil Street, South Melbourne 3207

Registration: 6.20pm - 6.30pm

Event Times: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

How does it work? 

It's a FREE workshop and I'd love to meet you. 

You can even bring a friend! 

(Just be sure to ask them to register here also!) Once you register your details below, I'll send you your ticket via email to confirm your spot.

Easy, FREE on-street parking from 6PM

Come early and eat dinner at The George. Delicious food :)

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